Simple Grab™ is the world's thinnest phone case that has a lightweight design that protects against dust, scratches and short drops. You'll be overjoyed by how much it looks and feels like you don't have a case on. Why buy a beautiful phone or tablet, only to cover it with a bulky case? Stay sleek and get a Simple Grab™.

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Product Overview

Release Date

June 2016

Company Overview

Simple Grab™ is a product brought to you by ONCALLERS®.

Short Description

Simple Grab™ is a lightweight design that protects against dust, scratches and short drops.

  • TRANSPARENT - Other cases cover up your iPhone. This one does not take anything away from its design and shows off your beautiful iPhone.
  • MORE PROTECTION - Add a layer of protection but keep your iPhone's original appearance. This case helps protect your iPhone from short drops, scratches and daily wear. Case is slightly thicker than the protruding camera and will protect it as well.
  • ULTRA THIN & DURABLE - The slim design complements your iPhone and does not add any bulk. Hard case can prevent bending.
  • EXTRA GRIP - This case makes your iPhone less slippery and adds anti-slip and grip protection.

Yes, there's a case on that phone!

Complete access to all iPhone 6 ports and connection points

We also have cases for Apple iPads

Look how easy it is to put on!


Is Simple Grab™ only available for iPhones?

At this time Simple Grab™ slim cases is only available for iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6+/6S+ and iPad Air.

Does Simple Grab™ actually protect my phone?

Yes, Simple Grab™ is a hard case made of polycarbonate that’s durable, lightweight, and non-toxic for a reliable solution in protecting your phone from short falls and scratches.

I want something that gives me more grip and is very thin. Is this the case to get?

Simple Grab™ has been tested by independent research facilities to perfectly mold each case to each phone. This helps keep the great design of every phone but also protects it in everyday life.

Do you offer bulk order discounts for resellers and/or large organizations?

Yes we offer bulk pricing for orders of large quantities. Email us at simplegrab@oncallers.com and let us know your quantity needs.


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